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Stay up to date with your Real Estate transaction with real time status updates.

  • Learn the purposes of each professional used in the real estate process.
  • Search for professionals, and filter them based on your own individual needs.
  • Read bio’s, watch video introductions, follow live feeds, read reviews, and ask questions.
  • Add multiple professionals to your dashboard, and use built in analytics to compare services and prices.
  • Use our messaging and video interview features to engage with professionals, and help you confidently choose the right fit.
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Buying, selling, or refinancing a home is no small transaction. From title agents to mortgage lenders and more, you have a say in who provides your real estate services. When it comes to real estate, the money you spend for the services you receive is completely up to you. MasterLync will help you remain in control of your experience. After all, no one will protect your own best interests better than you. Learn how to choose your own team to simplify the process, get you the best results and best price.

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